The name ‘Five Stones’ comes from the epic story of David and Goliath.

Whether you are a Christ Follower or not, almost everyone knows the story of David and Goliath. I think the reason why this story resonates with so many people is that it has all the components of what makes a story great. In the story David kills Goliath, saves the country, becomes a hero, and he even gets the girl. (I’ll bet you didn’t know the part about getting the girl. You can confirm that by reading the next chapter). As I said, it’s a great story with a great ending. Two parts of this story stood out to our team as we prayed about the new church name.

First: If you had to fight against a giant wouldn’t you think it wise to use a strategy that has worked for years. This is exactly what Saul had in mind when he told David to use his armor. Once David tried on the armor, he realized that he could not win the war with this type of armor against this type of enemy. In our country the church is at a pivotal place. The church of America unfortunately is in rapid decline. As of today nearly four thousand churches are closing their doors permanently each year, a turnaround is imperative. Because of that we believe God is rising up new church starts to reach people that no one is reaching. In order to reach people,  new church starts need to shed the armor of how we have been doing things in the past and explore how to take the unchanging gospel of Christ into today’s culture. We cannot keep doing the same things the same way and expect different results.

Second: If you were fighting someone approximately twice your height and size, and you had the chance to select a stone, what type of stone would you choose?

My personal favorite would be the nastiest, most jagged rock I could find, preferably something with a big point on it. But that is not what David chose. David chose five smooth stones that would fly straight and true. Our desire as a new church is to do less to achieve more. Deliberate simplicity will allow us to take our limited resources (time, money, energy) and streamline it’s offerings for effectiveness.

Five Stones Church recognizes that following Christ is about steps not leaps. David’s five stones will represent our core values, which will symbolize the next step of faith that people need to take with Him.

  • Loving God
  • Sharing Life
  • Applying Truth
  • Investing Now
  • Engaging Culture