Worship is the reflecting of God's glory back to Him in the way that we live. It's not just singing or playing music. It's relating to and loving others, living the undistorted gospel of grace, and living in gospel community. Worship is stewardship of creation, stewardship of our spiritual gifts, or pausing our hurried lives for rest and reflection. And worship is the humbling "acts" such as teaching, reading of scripture, prayer, lifting of hands, bowing, dancing, laughing, etc. – all of this gathered up in pure joy and adoration for God and His purpose.

Personal worship of God is a spiritual discipline. If we only worship God when we "feel like it," we place ourselves at the center of the experience rather than our Creator and Redeemer God, or even worse, seek the gift of an emotional experience rather than the Giver of that good gift. We can easily get caught up in consumer mentality, even blaming the environment, style choices, leadership, fellow worshipers, etc., for our own lack of discipline. Instead, we seek to make deliberate choices in our personal and corporate worship to place God where He belongs at the center of our lives and experiences. If God blesses us with overflowing peace and joy in His presence, we are grateful and give Him the glory!

Music at Five Stones

We've cultivated a few playlists of the worship songs we sing at Five Stones. We hope you become increasingly familiar with these songs, even using them during your times of personal worship to God throughout the week. We pray that your personal worship will overflow in our weekend services as you more readily focus and attend to God’s presence.

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