The Beatitudes

Ralph Owen
October 23, 2022

Journeying through life as a follower of Christ.

Matthew 5:1-12Download Life Group Questions

Salty & Shiny

John McCants
October 30, 2022

Jesus does what we can't do, to provide what we can't get.

Matthew 5:13-21Download Life Group Questions

The Depth of our Sin & Our Need for a Savior

John McCants
November 6, 2022

Jesus shows us our own shortcomings and His great overcoming.

Matthew 5:21-32, NASB 1995Download Life Group Questions


John McCants
November 13, 2022

Perfection is found only in Christ.

Matthew 5:33-48, NASB 1995Download Life Group Questions

The Lord's Prayer

Craig Moore
November 20, 2022

How should we pray?

Matthew 6:1-15Download Life Group Questions


John McCants
November 27, 2022

Jesus is our Treasure, our Vision, and our Master.

Matthew 6:19-24Download Life Group Questions

Killing Idols and the Foundation of True Peace

Johnny Sprinkle
December 11, 2022

A Biblical perspective on anxiety.

Matthew 6:25-34Download Life Group Questions

Judging Others

John McCants
December 18, 2022

Jesus is our Righteousness, our Gate, and our Way.

Matthew 7:1-14Download Life Group Questions

Christmas Eve at Five Stones

John McCants
December 24, 2022

Jesus Christ is our Foundation and our Hope.

Matthew 7:24-29Download Life Group Questions

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