FS preschoolers

We want to teach, share, and excite children about the awe and wonder of God.

In our preschool environment, we want to teach, share, and excite children about the awe and wonder of God. Each Sunday, children will experience large group worship and live storytime with an age-appropriate Bible story. Then as a small group, we will reiterate our weekly story through small group activities, crafts, and games!

There are three core truths we want to teach every child before they move up to our FS Kids environment:

· God made me.
· God loves me.
· Jesus wants to be my friend forever.

How do i check in my kids?

Checking your children into Wonder Zone is quick and painless. If you are a first-time visitor, please visit our Guest Services table to get started in this process.

What Ages can attend FS preschoolers?

FS Preschoolers is for children from six weeks through TK.

how secure is fs preschoolers?

We have gone to great lengths to ensure the safety of every child who comes through the doors of FS Preschoolers. Each child has a name tag that is matched to a parent identification number. Volunteers are screened, a federal background check is completed, and child safety training is required. Our environments are monitored by a security team during all services. Safety is a top priority as we care for your precious little ones.

what if my child has allergies?

Allergies can be printed on the child’s name tag. This can be done at check in or by speaking directly with our Family Ministry Team and providing us more in-depth information, especially for severe allergies.

FS preschoolers events