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About Stepping stones preschool

Stepping Stones Preschool, an extension of Five Stones Church's Family Ministry, offers Christ-centered care and education for children aged 13 months to kindergarten. Our program focuses on emotional, mental, physical, social, and spiritual growth.

Emotionally, we build trust and friendships, helping children adapt to separation from their parents.

Mentally, we encourage curiosity, teaching foundational concepts like colors, shapes, numbers, and the alphabet.

Physically, outdoor play, music, and manipulative toys develop motor skills, while social interactions foster friendships.

Spiritually, our Christian teachers share Bible stories, songs, and prayers, instilling a sense of God's love and purpose.

Our partnership with parents cultivates well-rounded, confident, and eager learners, laying a strong foundation for future growth.

A Typical day

Children at our preschool learn through hands-on experiences. Each week features a new theme, interwoven with life and character skills. These skills encompass responsibility, obedience, respect, authority, sharing, and wise decision-making.

Morning Routine: Children arrive between 8:55-9:10. A "Good Morning" routine includes attendance, calendar, Bible story, prayer, and activity explanation.

Work & Center Time: Small groups engage in diverse, teacher-directed activities to enhance readiness and fine motor skills.

Circle Time: Structured learning with games, music, movement, and quality literature centered on the daily topic.

Outside Time: Outdoor play fosters physical and social development as children run, climb, and interact.

Snacks & Lunch: Health-conscious snacks, occasional topic-related treats, and home-provided lunches support proper eating habits.

Goodbye Time: Parents pick up children from classrooms, ensuring safety and connection.

Stepping Stones Preschool STaff

Debbie Vanhoy

Director of Stepping Stones Preschool

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Kristin Hildebrand

Stepping Stones Ministry Assistant

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