During our January 9 worship services, the Teaching Pastor Search Team has unanimously and enthusiastically recommended Pastor John McCants to the Elders to be the next Teaching Pastor of Five Stones! Over the past month, the Elders have had the opportunity to get to know John and his wife Emily, and also unanimously accept and support the nomination. This is an exciting season in the life of our church.

Hear from the Search Team

In accordance with our Bylaws,

The Elders are calling for a Family Meeting and Partnership Vote to call Pastor John McCants as the next Teaching Pastor of Five Stones. The vote will be held on Jan 23, 2022 following each morning worship service, and will read as follows:

After receiving information and communicating with God,
________I sense that God is definitely leading us to accept and support the proposed item.
________I sense that God definitely is not leading us to accept and support the proposed item.
Five Stones Church should call Pastor John McCants to be the next Teaching Pastor.

Before voting, the Elders and Search Team are offering several opportunities to learn more about John McCants, ask questions, and hear his teaching. We believe that you will enjoy getting to know him.

McCants Family

More about John Mccants

Hear from John

John and Emily have been married for fifteen years. They have two sons, Cole (10) and Reed (5). John's mom, Stephanie (Nana), also lives with them. John enjoys dates with his wife, playing with his kids, meeting new friends, discipleship, good food, live music, and the '80s. Emily is a stay-at-home mom who enjoys decorating, home improvement projects, and studying to lead other women in discipleship groups. As a family, they enjoy game nights, having people over for dinner, and watching movies together. John and Emily were born and raised in Louisiana, and have lived in Pennsylvania and Maryland.

John received a Bachelor of Science degree from Rhodes College and a Master of Divinity degree from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. He has served as Pastor of Student and Young Adult Ministries at Trinity Church in Covington, LA, Pastor of Young Adult Ministries / Teaching Team / Transformational Development / Next Generation at Calvary Church in Souderton, PA, and Pastor of Ministries and Group Life / Teaching Team / Leadership Team at LifePoint Church in Reisterstown, MD.

John has a deep love and appreciation for the richness of God's Word and for making disciples of Jesus Christ. One of his favorite Scripture verses is Psalm 115:3: "But our God is in the heavens; He does whatever He pleases."


Please make it a priority to be blessed by John’s preaching from God’s Word. We have provided links to several messages here:

"The Glory of God""God's Unstoppable Purposes""The Law and the Gospel""New Community"More Resources

Opportunities to Meet John McCants:
Attend Worship on Sunday, January 16
- John and Emily McCants will be in attendance and will be interviewed on the platform during both morning services.

Meet and Greet Sunday, January 16, and Monday, January 17 - at 5:30PM - Five Stones Auditorium.
- Get to know John McCants
- Message from God’s Word
- Q&A with John McCants
- Reception in Atrium

Watch the January 17 Live Stream | Preaching with Panel Q & A

Teaching Pastor Search Team

Nick Bailey, Kerri Fredheim, Audrey Green, John Kimani, Jason Munday, Jennifer Philbrick, Kevin Raines, Andrew Schwartz, Barbara Zion-Campagna

Five Stones Elders

Marty Chilton, Tom Hildebrand, John Kimani, Tyler McNeill, Lou Nali, Ralph Owen, Gordon Rains, Robb Rodgers, Andrew Schwartz, Blake Spivey, Kevin Summerville