A Lifestyle of Community…because at Five Stones, we believe community happens in circles, not in rows.


In times such as this, we need each other more than ever, for community and connection. Join us as we Share Life together.

The Winter Series of Life Groups (beginning February 7th) will study First Peter along with the weekly sermons.

The epistle of 1 Peter is addressed to “pilgrims”—Christians who had been called out of the world to be set apart as God’s special people. Peter reminds us again and again that Christians are like immigrants, foreigners, temporary residents, refugees. We do not belong here. We do not have the rights of citizens. In fact we are outsiders who are living on the edge of culture. Because this is not our home, we will continually face trials that come from not being in alignment with the world or its culture. We are called to a different standard.  Peter helps us set our hope and joy on what is yet unseen and reminds us that our journey will lead us through various trials and grief. God allows these trials to come into our lives to test and purify our faith.

Sharing Life is a core value of Five Stones as we encourage people to take their next step with God.

We want groups to share life by: 

  • Creating Authenticity: We don’t want your group to meet out of routine. Our desire is to create groups founded on honesty, vulnerability, and trust.
  • Creating Connection: We want to offer a variety of group types so that all people are engaged in every phase of life.
  • Facilitate Fun: We want groups to try having a meal or doing something outside of meeting in a circle weekly. Fun builds trust in relationships over time.
  • Make a Difference: We hope you’ll look for ways to serve together in our local church and in the community as well as care for one another. 
  • Grow: We hope you’ll seek growth in your own spiritual walk as well as those you can engage around you.


A Life Group is a group of approximately 14-16 people that will meet once a week to share life together.  Life Groups are a short-term way to experience life with other people from church. We know it can be uncomfortable (and even scary!) to meet new people, so you can expect that we won’t ask you to do “anything weird.” We try to make the experience as comfortable as possible…that means there will be an easy exit ramp also – you’ll have the opportunity to join a group but aren’t committed to meet with the same people beyond the session length (but we anticipate that you will have so much fun that you’ll hate to see it end.)

We offer groups for people in all phases of life such as:

  • College-age
  • Young professionals
  • Young marrieds
  • Family groups
  • Single parent groups
  • Older teen groups
  • Empty Nester groups

We want to help you find a great fit and begin to plug-in to our church in this way.


Participating in Life Groups is one of the best ways to connect at Five Stones.