Though originally from the North, Melissa swears she was born to be a Southerner as she loves the sunshine, good ole’ Southern hospitality and sitting with a good book on her front porch.  Melissa and her husband LD were college sweethearts, married in 2004 and moved to Charlotte in 2005. Melissa is a mom to four children (Clare, Elle, Cole, and Madi) at all times, but also plays the role of mom to local foster children and international exchange students.  Their home is an ever-revolving door and they are so thankful to be able to live with hands and hearts open to whatever God calls them to. She drives a 12 passenger van just to make sure she is ready when God gives her opportunity to serve (true story!) Melissa has a Bachelor of Social Work and has served on staff at churches as well as in leadership roles as a volunteer and has a heart for connecting others to the gospel.