An invisible war wages around us every day. Our enemy is a force determined to wreak havoc on every part of our lives. His plan is to catch us unaware and unarmed. You can be victorious, tap into the spiritual power that you have in Christ.

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I Declare War: 5 Days

The Armor: 5 Days of Abiding in Christ: Here

Overcomer: 7 Days 

The Breastplate of Righteousness: 5 Days

Warrior: 5 Days 


Prepare for the battles that you face in your daily lives.

It’s not enough to realize that we live amidst Spiritual Warfare …

  • We MUST know the ENEMY we are in a battle against.
  • Pause and REMEMBER _
  • The Enemy is DEFEATED.
  • Christ claimed VICTORY over him because of the CROSS and the RESURRECTION.

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