Financial Peace by Dave Ramsey | The Knowledge You Need to Win With Money


When:  Sunday | Begins January 26th

Time:  5-6:30pm**

Facilitator:  Craig Moore

Financial Peace University includes nine video lessons featuring Dave Ramsey, Rachel Cruze, and Chris Hogan. Topics being covered are:

  • Lesson 1: Build a Starter Emergency Fund and Learn How to Budget
  • Lesson 2: Pay Off All Debt
  • Lesson 3: Save a Fully Funded Emergency Fund
  • Lesson 4: Invest for the Future and Build Wealth
  • Lesson 5: Buyer Beware
  • Lesson 6: The Role of Insurance
  • Lesson 7: Retirement Planning
  • Lesson 8: Real Estate and Mortgages
  • Lesson 9: Living and Giving Like No One Else

**Childcare is not available at this time.

Christian Theology


When:  Sunday  | January 26th – May 17th

Time:  5-6:30pm**

Facilitator:  Greg King & Andrew Schwartz

Christian Theology will offer bible based teaching on a wide variety of topics.


**Childcare is not available at this time.


FS Men  |  The Forge


When: Wednesday

Time:  6:15-7:30am**

Where: Main Building | FS Community Campus

Find community with other FS Men as you discover what it means to be an authentic man in today’s world through the study 33 The Series.  Authentic Manhood is all about setting men up to live lives of truth, passion and purpose. Our resources offer clear and practical Biblical insights on God’s design for manhood that are both refreshing and inspiring. We point men to a gospel-centered vision of life that sets them up to enjoy God’s grace as they pursue the promises of His Word.

Contact us at with any questions.

**Childcare is not avilable.


FS Women


When:  Friday | beginning January 24th

Time:  11am-1pm**

Where:  The Auditorium  |  Main Building  |  FS Community Campus

Facilitator:  Rachel Anderson

A place where women come to grow in their knowledge of God’s Word and find connection with other women. As we study the book of Romans, we will be transformed by God’s grace and be overwhelmed by His abundant mercy to us. To register and purchase a book text “Women” to 208-578-6637. We cannot wait to share life with you!


**Childcare is not available at this time.