Hang Five

What is the Hang 5 Challenge…
It’s our way of asking you to hang out with us for 5 weeks to experience what Five Stones is all about.

Why 5 weeks…
We realize that it’s really hard to understand the feel and direction of anything without actually getting to experience it first.  Staying 5 weeks will give you the opportunity to hear about
our purpose as a church and see how it can impact your family, our community and the world.

Here are some suggestions as you walk through the Hang 5 Challenge and
opportunities to help you get to know us better during your first 5 weeks:

  • Pray as a family about where God would have you worship, connect and call “home.”
  • Sign up to attend our First Step and Next Step classes (a deeper look into who we are).  Click here for more information!
  • Sign up to serve on one of our amazing servant leader teams (serving is a great way to meet people in the Five Stones Community).  Click here for more information!

Give us 5 weeks to show you what it’s like to be part of our Five Stones Church Family.
We know you’ll love it!

If you feel that after 5 weeks we are not a good fit, please let us know.  We know how difficult it can be to find a church to partner with. Because of that we have intentionally established strong relationships with several area churches and could help you connect with another body.