Kristina has been at Five Stones since the beginning and on staff since 2011. In the summer of 2002, she attended a Leadership Summit where the speaker talked about the local church being the hope of the world. God used that conference to stir a desire in her to hit the mission field that is the local church. At the time, she was partner and CFO of a construction company and couldn’t imagine how God could make that a reality. Fast forward more than a decade and Kristina is living her dream here at Five Stones Church.

Kristina has Business Administration degrees in Management and Accounting from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and has a passion for big picture operations, coordinating logistics and for working with teams; using strategy, organization, systems and training to help maximize our impact for Christ. She also has a heart for missions and after a trip to Kenya in 2010, she helped Five Stones partner with local schools to launch their clothes closet and backpack blessings program.

Kristina is mom to two amazing daughters, Ashley and Jessica. She was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada (pronounced “Nev-AD-a” not “Nev-AH-da.”) and believe it or not, they do have churches in Vegas!